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Soul Eater OC's: The Salem Witch Hunters by snowcloud8 Soul Eater OC's: The Salem Witch Hunters by snowcloud8
Well, finally got these guys out. My oc's in my soul eater story, The Girl and the Shinigami, the Salem Witch Hunters, a task force specialized in fighting witches (and sorcerers to some extent). Their headquarters are located in various parts of the world (almost like a cult) but the main headquarters originated in Salem, Massachusettes. They are only called in for witch-related emergencies the DWMA cannot handle. Technically, there are four of them but the 4th is in his weapon form. Justin Law is also affiliated with them, training the independent weapons division and


Will Algood: an independent monk staff weapon (but can be used by Frieda) from Salem, MA. He is the leader of the division sent to the DWMA and is the son of the organization leader, Thomas Danforth Algood. He very calm, cool, and collected, having his own way of being smooth with the ladies when he needs to be. In reality, he is very cold and has an extreme hatred of witches from his father's guidance to follow in his footsteps. He has black hair and piercing blue eyes.

Mason Ridgeback: an independent parashu battle axe from London, England. He has red hair and green eyes. He joined the Salem Witch Hunters to become a stronger, independent weapon. He is Will's right-hand man and is known for being quite the ladies man (hits on almost any woman). His love interest is Patricia Thompson.

Frieda Schroeder: a skilled meister able to use almost anything as a weapon, including normal, inanimate objects. She hails from Berlin, Germany (or so she says; her story and origin change every time you ask, so we still don't know what country or dialect she comes from), and is cousins with Justin Law. She is extremely loyal to Lord Death, but unlike Law, is very no-nonsense about her work and strictly never disobeys an order. She is usually partnered with Shane Williams, but prefers to be with Will because of her crush on him. She has curly dark brown hair and eyes.

Shane Williams: a demon fan that hails from Boston, MA. He has sandy blonde hair and cloudy blue eyes. He joined the witch hunters because a witch burned down his apartment, killed his family, and then experimented on him, giving him the ability to split himself into two twin fans but taking away his eyesight. However, he is revenge bent in his mind only; it does not consume him. His personality is very laid back, and he loves a good Red Sox game. He has the ability to split into two twin purple fans, join into one gigantic fan, and has wind controlled attacks. His love interest is Elizabeth Thompson.
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November 22, 2012
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